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The Concept: Motivation & Advantages

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Why shall you use AFD-COPYRIGHT?

Well, why did I release it? - While I was reading several documentations of freely distributable Amiga software, I realized that there are several things I don't like:

That's why I released the "Standard Amiga FD-Software Copyright Note"(TM) and used my contacts in the Internet to ask some people in different countries to make a translation in their language.

What are the Advantages of AFD-COPYRIGHT?

  1. AFD-COPYRIGHT is a standard licence. So the users of your product have to read AFD-COPYRIGHT only if they haven't done so before. The more developers include AFD-COPYRIGHT in their software package, the better for this concept!

  2. AFD-COPYRIGHT is for all kinds of freely distributable Amiga software the developers want to keep their copyright of - from Freeware to Shareware!

  3. By using AFD-COPYRIGHT you help to set a standard for DefaultTools.

  4. AFD-COPYRIGHT is available in several languages via Aminet®. So you can be quite sure that the users have read it at least once and did understand it. Using AFD-COPYRIGHT is also your first step to "localize" your software.

  5. As a developer, you don't have to think about copyright stuff yourself, because AFD-COPYRIGHT has already been written and translated. So you can save a lot of time for more important things, for example

Did I convince you to use AFD-COPYRIGHT? Then have a look at the rules.

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