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About the problem with different DefaultTools

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The Problem

When you de-archive freely distributable software you can find a lot of different DefaultTools for ASCII text files, for example

   more,      C:More,     :c/more,     SYS:c/more,     MyDisk:c/more, ...
   muchmore,  C:MuchMore, :c/muchmore, SYS:c/muchmore, YourCD:c/MuchMore, ...
   multiview, ...

and so on with smore, most, less, ppmore, ... and MuchMuchMuchMore!!

The problem with this is that nobody has all these viewers, because you only need one of these to view ASCII text files. So, what do you do now? Change all the "DefaultTools"? To much work! Make links for all the different entries? Impossible - nobody can make enough links for all possibilities.

With AmigaGuide® hypertext files you have the choice between

   AmigaGuide, :Utilities/AmigaGuide, SYS:Utilities/AmigaGuide
   Multiview,  ...

IFF-ILBM pictures can be displayed using
   Display,    ... (AmigaOS 2.x)
   Multiview,  ... (AmigaOS 3.0+)
   Viewtek,    ...

The Solution

It would be much better when you have only one DefaultTool for each filetype:

Note that each filetype has it's own DefaultTool entry. So each user can use the tools (s)he prefers:

More is available since AmigaOS 1.x.

AmigaGuide and Display are available since AmigaOS 2.0.

AmigaOS 3.0+ users can make links on their preferred tools.

These are the links I installed on my system in the directory SYS:Utilities

             More       -> MuchMore
             AmigaGuide -> Multiview
             Display    -> Multiview

Here are a lot of possibilities to use the favourite tools for all users:

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