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The archive [161 kB] contains all translations of the AFD-COPYRIGHT note plus an AmigaGuide® file with most of the information from the support site and some additional stuff. Please note, that the guide file is partially outdated. The latest information is always on the official support site.

You can download the full archive from this site (located in Germany):

New! AFD-Files1-18.lha New! AFD-Files1-18.readme New!

The "Standard Amiga FD-Software Copyright Note"(TM) is also available on most Aminet® sites. The full pathname is


where xx indicates the number of languages available in the archive.

Germany Erlangen, Universität AFD-Files1-18.lha [view] AFD-Files1-18.readme
Germany Paderborn, Universität AFD-Files1-18.lha AFD-Files1-18.readme
Italy Napoli, Università AFD-Files1-18.lha AFD-Files1-18.readme
Sweden Uppsala, Swedish University Network AFD-Files1-18.lha AFD-Files1-18.readme
United Kingdom London, PLiG AFD-Files1-18.lha AFD-Files1-18.readme
United States of America Aminet Main Site
St. Louis, Missouri, Washington University Archive
AFD-Files1-18.lha AFD-Files1-18.readme

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