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The "Standard Amiga FD-Software Copyright Note"(TM) was originally written in English. All translations are based on the file called "AFD-COPYRIGHT"(TM).

New! The HTML files are based on the ASCII file of the respective language. You can use the HTML file instead of the ASCII file. All rules for the file "AFD-COPYRIGHT"(TM) apply respectively to the file "AFD-COPYRIGHT.html"(TM). New!

All available files are of version 1.4. Currently the "Standard Amiga FD-Software Copyright Note"(TM) is available in the following languages:

Language Filename
EnglishInternational Plain TextHTMLHTML Doctype
EnglishEnglish AFD-COPYRIGHT AFD-COPYRIGHT.html Strict HTML 2.0
Brasil Strict HTML 2.0
CatalanCatalà Strict HTML 2.0
CzechÇeská Strict HTML 2.0
GermanDeutsch Strict HTML 2.0
DanishDansk Strict HTML 2.0
SpanishEspañol Strict HTML 2.0
FinnishSuomi Strict HTML 2.0
FrenchFrançais Strict HTML 2.0
HungarianMagyar Strict HTML 2.0
ItalianItaliano Strict HTML 2.0
LuxembourgishLetzebuergësch Strict HTML 2.0
NorwegianNorsk Strict HTML 2.0
PolishPolski Strict HTML 2.0
Português Strict HTML 2.0
Russian(Russian) Strict HTML 2.0
SwedishSvenska Strict HTML 2.0
SlovenianSlovenski Strict HTML 2.0

If you can translate from the english original to another language not on the above list, then please send a mail!

In the Download Area you can find out where to download the full archive with all of the above AFD-COPYRIGHT files.

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